Soccer fan dies  at stadium

On Thursday at the Juan Carmelo Zerillo Stadium in La Plata, Buenos Aires, a soccer fan from Argentina lost his life 

during an abandoned Liga Profesional match between Gimnasia La Plata and Boca Juniors. 

The home team, Gimnasia, has identified the fan as Cesar Regueiro.
The cause of the fan's death is unknown, 

however Sergio Berni, the province of Buenos Aires' security minister, informed local television that the fan passed away

from a heart condition as he was leaving the stadium, according to Reuters.
Referee HernĂ¡n MastrĂ¡ngelo

called off the match between Gimnasia and provincial rival Boca after nine minutes because of disorder outside

the stadium between security personnel and spectators. Tear gas was also being utilised by the police.